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Martha Abeles-Young, Owner, Martie and Associates

Without Ady Menon I would be out of business. Ady has come to my rescue many times. He retrieved information , removed viruses, installed programs, and built my CPU with state of the art technology.

Ady has always been available to answer my questions and offer suggestions of appropriate programs and equipment. His approach has always been highly professional.

His Microsoft Certification training is evident from the excellent service he has provided.

— Martha Abeles-Young


Deanna Crimmins Clarance

Ultra-friendly, accommodating, and HIGH INTEGRITY! I had an external hard drive stop working and called around to figure out my options for repair. Ady was very helpful on the phone and even more helpful when I went into the shop. He was able to fix my issue onsite, (and here's where the integrity comes in), however he took it upon himself to research the warranty and then let me know that I could have it repaired and my data recovered for free through them. He said it didn't make sense for me to pay him to fix it. A business person like that is hard to come by these days. When my next technology need arises, I've got Ady on speed dial!


Julie Tzipori

ABI–Solutions (Ady Menon) has been servicing my computer for the past 3 years. This company is dedicated to improving technology base for even the most computer illiterate individuals. Ady´s personal and highly professional approach makes it easy to recommend him to any individual in need of a new system, or simply enhancing the system they already have. Ady is knowledgeable and a born teacher, making it easy to utilize the new technology available to us. I would highly recommend ABI–Solutions to anyone looking to upgrade, service or purchase a computer.

— Julie Tzipori (Teacher)


William Reynolds

 Project Manager - Low Temperature Implant at Axcelis Technologies

I have used ABI's services over the years to resolve all sorts of computer issues, from the mundane to the more serious security threats.

Ady has always, "solved the problem". Ady's understanding of the security issues surrounding the Microsoft products is exceptional. He has a complete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of most of today's hardware and software. I highly recommend Ady as my computer "GO TO" guy.


Bill Safer

- Host- Hidden Treasures TV Show
WCCA-TV, Ch. 13
Worcester, MA

 I am dead in the water without my computer, and Ady, of ABI solutions, has gotten me out of some computer trouble that would have cost me a lot of time and money.

Christine Miller
I think Ady is a genius in anything to do with computers and related items.  
He comes to you, or you go to him, buy whatever you do contact him for any computer related problems, or to upgrade you computer, as he did mine.

I finally brought my six-year old laptop to Ady for an honest assessment which is what I got. Ady quickly got to work on my laptop and after telling me what he found, just as swiftly fixed it.

After bringing it home, I feel like I have a new laptop!

I was so pleased with the service that my husband brought in his laptop too for the same type of assessment. Same result........laptop running like new.

We are two pleased customers!


Linda Tolman

I have a lap top that needed to be fixed.The owner of the store, knowing that I could not find his office, was only too happy to set up a remote access on my lap top so that he could take care of many issues. The service is outstanding and my lap top is now running like brand new. I would not use anyone but ABI Solutions for all my computer needs. I would give the company a 5 star rating. If you need work done I encourage you to use ABI, you will be more than satisfied.


Joy Reo

I am totally delighted with the efficient, friendly and excellent service provided by Ady at ABI Solutions! Anytime someone needs a computer repair or service, I'll recommend ABI!


Christine Crue

 SO HAPPY!!! Thank You Ady for saving my computer!! Affordable AND Quickly too!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ABI Solutions!!!


Sarah Kelly


As a small business owner, I rely in my computer to run my business. When my computer wouldn't turn on, I went to ABI Solutions to get it looked at. Ady was great. He diagnosed it quickly and recovered my data for me in a very short period of time. I highly recommend using their services! Thanks for helping me get back to work, Ady!

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